Lanscape Lighting,Accent Lighting,Pool Lighting,Path Lighting,Deck Lighting,Security Lighting
Lightscapes offers many options, and can help give an exciting look to your home with creative and innovative plans for walk, driveway, pool and patio, as well as seasonal tree and shrubbery lighting.

The company offers the latest technology and state-of-the-art techniques in such areas as:
- Spread lighting - Step lighting - Accent lighting
- Up lighting - Down lighting - Diffused lighting
- Shadowing - Silhouetting - Grazing
- Moon lighting - Area lighting - Cross lighting
Lightscapes' expert staff can help you select appropriate power supply options, whether the standard 120 volt line voltage or the lower power usage and enhanced safety features of the 12-volt low voltage system - or perhaps a combination of the two. Lightscapes offers a complete line of first class landscape lighting fixtures and accessories, as well as expert installation and maintenance. "We buy it, sell it, install it -- and enjoy it!" says Gary Quick, adding, "You, too, can enjoy increased pleasure from your home with our quality outdoor lighting. Our creative and imaginative designs can expand your living space, and bring you new satisfaction as you look out of your windo or arrive home after work. It can really transform your enviroment.
"Outdoor lighting design is truly painting with light!"